We Custom Tailor Programs Around
Your Specific Needs:
Private and Group Class Membership
Programs With Services Including:
Obedience: On and Off Leash
Tread Mill Training
Cart and Weight Exercises
Field Trips
Real Life Scenario's
Desensitisation Training
Human and Canine Socialization
AKC Canine Good Citizen Awards....And Much More!

In-House Training Programs:

Board & Train Obedience Program
A program designed  for those who want
or need FAST results with most all problems
BESIDES AGGRESSION. Typically in 2 weeks
we accomplish what it takes most owners 2 months
to achieve. Follow up private lessons and
group classes are included for a seamless re-entry
back into the home.

Behavior Modification & Rehabilitation
For ALL Cases of Dominant and Fear Aggression.

We Practice a NO Dog Left Behind Policy!!!

Please Call us if your Dog has been labeled
" Untrainable " or recommended for Euthanasia.

We are a second generation, family owned and
operated business celebrating 23 years of service
on Cape Cod.  In that time, we have developed many
methods of behavior modification.  For the more
extreme cases, we have a program in which we
assimilate your pet into our healthy minded pack and
controlled environment. Over the years it has been
our privilege to work with dozens upon dozens of
owners to rehabilitate and gain trust and  
understanding with pets that went through
unspeakable situations.  It is our belief that with a
devoted owner open to change, no situation
or dog is hopeless!

Other Services:
In-Home Lessons
AKC Evaluations
Kitten & Puppy Sales
Doggy Day and Overnight Kenneling
Senior, Puppy and Emergency Kenneling
Children's Classes
Puppy and Dog Selection Service
Canine Personal Training

Aggression Specialists
Cathy Johnston
A.K.C. Certified Evaluator
C.G.C. / S.T.A.R. Puppy Testing
Professional Trainers for Over 20 Years
American K-9 Dog Training
48R Route 130
Forestdale, Ma. 02644
(508) 259-1911
Email: americank9@comcast.net
EST. 1989
Our Programs

Introductory Offer
3 Private Lessons
This offer above can be rolled over towards
the cost of any other program listed below.

Puppy Psychology Training Program
Sensory and Socialization Training
Puppies 8-12 Weeks Old

Basic Obedience Program
Includes 8 Private Lessons and 2 Months of Group Classes
On Leash Obedience

Intermediate Obedience Program
Includes 16 Private Lessons and 4 Months of Group Classes
On Leash to Off Leash Obedience

Advanced Obedience Program
Includes 24 Private Lessons and 6 Months of Group Classes
Off-Leash Obedience

In-House Training Programs

Board & Train Obedience Program
We Train your dog! 1 Week Stay at our Facility.
Includes 2 Private Lessons and 1 Month of Group Class
Follow up training Per Week Stayed

Dominant/Fear Aggression Rehab Program
Minimum of 2 week stay

2 Week Stay at our Facility with
Our Handlers & Healthy Minded Pack
Includes 4 Private Lessons and 2 Months of Group Classes

Day and Over Night Kenneling
All Dogs are monitored 24 HOURS A DAY.
Kept in private secure kennels at night
and have access to our outdoor kennels
and fenced field on a daily basis.

Doggy/Puppy Day Care
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Cape Cod's Premier Obedience Training & Canine Psychology Centers